How much could you save by avoiding traditional debt?



By letting Crow guide you through borrowing from yourself instead of a using a bank, you could save £537.87 in interest over 21 months

Assumed 18% APR

Homepage screen of the Crow app showing £250 borrowed, £1650 available and a cash balance of £2192, and some recent transactions.  Next to the screen is the blue Crow card
Two Screenshots of the Crow app with repayment and borrowing screens

A better choice than your credit card

Repay yourself over time

Why pay fees to banks when you have money available to you? Borrow money from your own savings and have Crow ensure that you pay yourself back

Easy to use

No more endless spreadsheets for paying yourself back. Keep track of how much you owe yourself in our intuitive app, and have the repayments taken automatically

Interest the Crow way

We add interest to what you borrow, but it all goes goes straight back into your pocket. Passively grow your savings as you borrow.

You're in control

Adjust your borrowing limit whenever you want. We set an upper limit based on your affordability, then you can lower it in seconds.

Step 1

Man's silhouette with a tick in a circle

Sign Up

Download and sign up to the Crow app, where we calculate how much you could afford to borrow from yourself.

Step 2

Hand holding a payment card


Spend your own money, and log the payment in the app to keep track of what you owe yourself.

Step 3

Hand catching coins


When the app tells you, repay the balance into your savings plus interest, which goes straight into your pocket!

Step 4

Pound sign in a circle


Passively grow your savings and save money that would have been going to banks!

How it works

The Crow's easy to use app helps keep you accountable for your own money, and does all the hard work to make sure you repay yourself.

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